About Us

I have earned your loyalty and trust with honesty, integrity and knowledge. These are values that I have held high for the past 40+ years. At my new location, you will continue to experience all of these important qualities with excellent customer service, an expanded selection of Diamonds, Fine Jewelry and a unusual collection of Fine Precious Color Gems.
In my absence any of my new colleagues at Pico Jewelry will be more than happy and more than capable to assist you with your next purchase, repair or just to answer a question.
Just mention my name and that you are my client. Those are the magic words that will insure a pleasurable and satisfying shopping experience.

Our story …
Gary Jewelers is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience in providing customers with the finest in jewelry fashions. We share and demonstrate values that are held so highly by consumers: trust, honesty, integrity and knowledge. Trust is the fundamental element in our daily business. By actively sharing the customer’s values and beliefs, we have created an environment where people shop with confidence and feel comfortable doing so. Consumers trust Gary Jewelers for accurate information about fair pricing, precious metal content, enhancement and treatment of precious stones and all the other factors that influence their decisions when purchasing a beautiful piece of fine jewelry.

Now, the experience of dealing with a professional has been expanded to the world of the Internet; so spend some time and click away.

It’s been almost 9 years now since I implemented the change from my brick and mortar business plan.

Without any reservations I can say that this “move to an online and by appointment” based concept has been anything but very successful beyond all of my expectations and just as rewarding to my loyal clientele as well.

I want to thank the many customers that have gone with the flow and have taken advantage of calling on me for their needs and wants “AT THEIR CONVENIENCE!”

If you have not yet taken the opportunity to do so, I hope that you take the step to call me and take advantage of my expanded inventory and services that are a result of this fantastic change in my business plan.

I look forward to just have a phone conversation to catch up as old friends do.

All the best to you and your families.



Our Mission

These days, change is all around us. The jewelry industry is no exception. The digital age has altered the way consumers think, how they educate themselves, and more importantly the way they shop.

To better meet the needs of our modern day customers, Gary Jewelers has also changed. We have moved our traditional storefront to a broader and much more spectacular web presence. We have taken our 40 plus years of experience as a fine jewelry business, in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, and relocated to www.GaryJewelers.com and at the same time also offer our customers an opportunity to consult with Gary any time for any reason.

Call Gary @ 800.829.9427 or email Gary to set up your appointment.

We are improving the way we conduct our fine jewelry, diamond, and watch business, in order to offer our devoted clients the best possible shopping experience.

As always, Gary Jewelers keeps up with all the finest fashion trends and utilizes the newest in technology in order to better serve our respected customers.

By growing our presence on the web, we are able to better assist our many longtime and new customers with a vast selection of the newest and finest jewelry available.

Our clients in the tri-state area and those that will be visiting will still have the opportunity in Gary’s absence to meet and experience fine service with my colleagues at Pico Jewelry

We assure you that, Gary will continue to serve all of his customer’s needs with the same professional and caring service that they have grown accustomed to at Gary Jewelers.


Our phone numbers remain the same:

Local: 212.819.0350   /  Toll Free: 800.829.9427

Our email address remains the same:

gary (at) garyjewelers (dot)com
Please replace “at” with @ and “dot” with . We need to do this to reduce spam email to our email.

Our enhanced website can be accessed via www.GaryJewelers.com
Please Note:
As of Jan. 1st 2019, we formed a new Florida based corporation, Gary Jewelry Inc. dba Gary Jewelers


With the utmost certainty, we guarantee that the excellent customer service that you have grown accustomed to will continue to be the best in the industry.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

We genuinely believe that you will continue to have a pleasurable and rewarding shopping experience when you shop at www.GaryJewelers.com, or by making a personal appointment to meet Gary’s colleagues  at Pico Jewelery

We welcome your comments and suggestions by phone or email.

Please spread our good news by sharing this message with your friends and family!

With warmest regards,